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SilverEdge Projects Limited provides clients with software development, eLearning and healthcare management related services. The teams at SilverEdge are highly skilled, motivated and experienced in software development life cycle, education and training delivery via eLearning, and training on current trends in chronic disease management, use of portable medical diagnosis devices and drug supplies. Continue Reading>>


SilverEdge has over the years spent significant resources on research and development in software development cycle, with special focus on Enterprise Web Applications and E-Payment solutions, thus evolving processes and procedures capable of solving the most perplexing client challenges.


Delivering e-Learning effectively requires much more than just putting content on the internet. SilverEdge Projects proven approach delivers e-Learning solutions that make learning online more engaging and effective. Our customizable, integrated solutions focus on curriculum development/instructional design,

Best One in Africa

“An initiative to carve a niche for Nigerian universities, making them the best in Africa in one discipline of their choice, preferably in science, engineering, medicine and business.”

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