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Transcript Processing System (TPS) is a secure platform that enables online processing of academic transcripts and certificate verification. It presents the most convenient way of ordering/ requesting academic transcripts remotely. Transcripts requested through this system are available in either printed or electronic (a secure, certified PDF) format. i.e., the transcripts can be processed in hard copies and can be verified by receiving institutions in electronic format online. Students/Graduates will benefit from their institutions' ability to quickly and easily send official transcripts anywhere in the world

The system uses highly secure technologies and enables administrators to digitize and archive alumni’s results on its database. Hence, when a transcript application is made, the administrator easily retrieves the digitized transcript from the system, prints and passes on to the approving officer, who verifies same online before endorsing the printed copy, which is immediately dispatched by courier to its recipient.

The solution will deliver the following benefits to higher institutions:

  • Eliminate integrity concerns associated with Nigerian academic transcripts globally
  • Reduce to the barest minimum, the run around cost of travel and hotel accommodation when applying for academic transcripts.
  • Enables receiving institutions verify authenticity of transcripts seamlessly
  • Create a streamlined and automated fulfilment process
  • Enable applicants have insight into their application process
  • Eliminate wastages, fraud and leakages, thus increasing revenue to the institutions
  • Improve institutions’ global rating and influence