LandLight iReport

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LandLight iReport

LandLight iReport is an initiative of SilverEdge Projects Limited designed to help stem the rising tide of building collapse and incessant building violations in Nigeria through citizen engagement and government responsiveness.

The initiative was borne out of the passionate concern for the colossal loss of lives and properties in Nigeria. The country continuously loses her productive citizens and huge properties through unmitigated building collapse incidents. Unfortunately, majority of these cases were avoidable as they mostly arose from distressed buildings and construction violations that dot the entire landscape of many cities in Nigeria.

LandLight iReport has a mobile app (available on Google Play Store) and website ( that enable citizens to report potential building collapse and violations, thus bringing such to light and attracting the required attention from concerned government agencies. It also identifies and engages project champions to continually educate people within various communities about their role in building safe, resilient and inclusive communities.

The impact of the project will be felt in all nooks and crannies of Nigeria as anyone from any part of the country could report cases. Presently, no other platform (online or offline) adequately engages the Nigerian citizens to collectively act against construction violations and building collapse. The platform extensively demystifies the reporting process as it only takes an average of two minutes to report a case and instantly gain public awareness.