Chronic Diseases Management

SilverEdge Projects Limited has taken a giant stride in ensuring that healthcare of patients, especially those with chronic diseases, are improved. We have leveraged on our technology team, and expertise of our team of health professionals with diverse skills, to educate healthcare providers on effective use of technology to manage chronic diseases. Considering the manual method of keeping healthcare records in Nigeria, there are;

  • No proactive means of managing patient health
  • No consistent follow up of patient after the first visit to the hospital and scalable means of knowing patients that skip appointments

As such, hospitals record more cases of complications, often time increasing the cost of managing the disease state, and mortality rate.

We, provide effective information and guidance to hospitals which undoubtedly optimize the patient health related quality of life and have since achieved positive clinical outcomes. With our expertise in information and communication technology, we have developed a software tagged “C-Track”, that enables hospitals to:

  • Keep electronic register of patients with chronic diseases
  • Manage their appointments
  • Send reminders via SMS to patients and their next of kin , days before their next visit
  • Send reminders via SMS to patients to take their medications; perform recommended exercises and take vitals.
  • Generate report like; list of patients that fail to show up for appointment
  • Generate statistics on chronic diseases like; number of patient in a given stage of a given chronic diseases.

Our goal is to make healthcare delivery a patient centered approach and reduce mortality due to chronic diseases.

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