Delivering e-Learning effectively requires much more than just putting content on the internet. SilverEdge Projects proven approach delivers e-Learning solutions that make learning online more engaging and effective. Our customizable, integrated solutions focus on curriculum development/instructional design, content presentation and management, learner registration, assessment and analysis, and change management.

Curriculum Development/Instructional Design:

Our instructional design professionals work with clients to create learning programs that meet institutions objectives. They develop engaging, effective e-Learning and blended learning programs, using the following problem centered principles of instructions:

  • Learning is promoted when learners are engaged in solving real-world problems.
  • Learning is promoted when existing knowledge is activated as a foundation for new knowledge.
  • Learning is promoted when new knowledge is demonstrated to the learner.
  • Learning is promoted when new knowledge is applied by the learner.
  • Learning is promoted when new knowledge is integrated into the learnerís world.

Additionally, our instructional design professionals leverage on science of the brain to create and deliver effective and innovative learning experiences.

Content Presentation and Management

Our team of graphics and web developers uses the most effective mix of graphics, audio, and video, tied to the program content concept to deliver engaging and effective learning. We develop graphics, videos and animations that reinforce the subject matter and give learners a more complete learning experience. Our effective e-learning solutions results in lasting behavior change, helps people think differently, act differently and work differently.
Our team has capabilities in the following:

  • e-Learning rapid development tools like Captivate, Articulate, Unison.
  • Graphics tools like Flash, Photoshop, Fireworks
  • Video and audio editing tools

Learning Management System:

Our SCORM compliant Learning Managing System helps track the progress of learning, a critical component of our end to end e-Learning solution. It handles activities like learner registration, course delivery and assessment, giving our clients an advantage in the world of online learning.

Change Management:

To implement new systems and procedures, especially with technology, corporate change is inevitable. Our change management professionals help guide clients through a successful implementation, minimizing the effects typically associated with such transitions. We guide institutions to develop the transition and communication plans.

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